Press Release Supreme Courts Documentary

D.C. is the world’s most powerful city.
Politics is the city’s first sport, but basketball is a close second.

Pennington Greene, in collaboration with Metro Teleproductions, Inc., announces the documentary series Supreme Courts: A Century of DC-Area Basketball. Through more than 100 hours of in-depth interviews, the series tells the full and fascinating story of the game’s transformative historic, social, racial, cultural, and athletic impacts on the city, the nation, and the world through the stories of the people who lived it.

Those interviews include such luminaries as DeMatha High coaching legend Morgan Wootten; NBA Hall-of-Famer-turned-Detroit Mayor Dave Bing; Earl Lloyd, the prep star who became the first African-American to play in the National Basketball Association; and Ted Leonsis, the Monumental Sports CEO and Washington Wizards owner.


In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the 12th Street YMCA, the first YMCA for African-Americans, which was designed by African-American architect William Sidney Pittman. From indoor gyms to outdoor playgrounds, the game spread far and wide. Interviewees relate experiences from high school, AAU, college games, and the rough-and-tumble Summer League hardtop classics that spawned future stars and legendary tales. These visual and vocal yarns weave a tapestry that depicts the basketball court as sanctuary, proving ground, and civic mecca amid changing social landscapes. The show creates a narrative archive and a lasting testimonial to the game’s expansive reach.

The producers have received a letter of interest from WETA to screen and incorporate Supreme Courts into its broadcast schedule. In addition, the producers are donating 15 hours of footage to the DC Public Library’s Dig DC, People’s Archive. (If people want to donate footage and photos, email